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Podcast: The Key Role of Strategy and Media in Improving Clinical Trial Enrollment Diversity

Posted by Elizabeth Gargill on Tue, Jun 14, 2022

Hear From Our Experts on Improving Clinical Trial Enrollment Diversity

In our latest podcast, BBK's Justin Jones and Gaby Grekin discuss strategies and insights that clinical trial sponsors can leverage to make their studies more diverse and inclusive.  

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HYBRID: A New Approach for Clinical Trial Recruitment & Engagement Success

Posted by Elizabeth Gargill on Mon, May 23, 2022

Introducing a New Approach to Clinical Trial Recruitment & Engagement


Our hybrid approach to clinical trial recruitment and engagement provides sponsors with the flexibility and agility they need whether they are conducting a traditional site-based trial, hybrid trial, or decentralized trial. 

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Facilitating the Journey from Patient to Study Participant

Posted by Elizabeth Gargill on Wed, Apr 27, 2022

Pharma15 Live!

Facilitating the Journey from Patient to Study Participant

The Impact of Dynamic Referral Processing

Matt Kibby and Aaron Fleishman return to the Pharma15 Live! stage to discuss BBK's dynamic referral processing service and how it improves and accelerates the patient enrollment process. 

"Our process benefits both patients and sites alike. It unburdens the study staff, creating a better experience for them, while also ensuring patients are responded to more quickly and with better care so their journey is a positive one."

-Matt Kibby, President, Chief Strategy Officer, BBK Worldwide

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Blueprint for Success: Proven Strategies for Patient Engagement

Posted by Aaron Fleishman on Tue, Apr 19, 2022



Blueprint for Success: Proven Strategies for Patient Engagement

Download our blueprint for patient engagement and get a compilation of ideas and proven strategies to help you and your clinical trial team create a successful patient engagement program.

Download Now

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Words Matter: The Hybrid Lexicon

Posted by Gaby Grekin on Thu, Mar 31, 2022



Words Matter: The Hybrid Lexicon


In a time of confusing terminology, one thing is clear: what the industry used to consider exceptional is now considered essential.


Hybrid. Decentralized. Remote. Digital. Virtual. Companies use these terms interchangeably. There is inconsistency, over-hyping, over-promising, confusion, and a notable lack of substance. To be honest, it’s a bit like the Wild West out there.

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Prioritizing the Patient Voice with Hybrid Clinical Trials

Posted by Elizabeth Gargill on Tue, Mar 8, 2022


New survey findings reveal the importance of offering patients choice when it comes to improving clinical trial diversity, access, and engagement.

Patients want options, or choice, when it comes to clinical trial participation. New data from a recent Study Voices survey reveals the impact choice can have on participation. The findings empower clinical trial sponsors to shift from traditional clinical trial models to hybrid models with confidence.



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My First 30 Days at BBK Worldwide

Posted by Renee Plant on Thu, Mar 3, 2022

For two physically identical people, my sister and I have polar opposite cognitive styles.

It’s the classic case of right versus left brain. For example, I followed my creative, right-brained spirit straight into professional writing. Meanwhile, my sister channeled her analytical, left-brained energy to study…well, the brain.

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Infographic: A Diversified Outreach Strategy Is Key to Clinical Trial Inclusivity

Posted by Danielle Frate on Thu, Feb 10, 2022


A Diversified Outreach Strategy
Is Key to Clinical Trial Inclusivity


New Infographic Available for Download

Many clinical trial sponsors are seeking ways to enable hybrid study designs with ease and confidence. Our new infographic follows the patient's journey from consideration to enrollment to engagement throughout the study life cycle, with information to help sponsors create a more diverse and inclusive participation environment.

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In the Year 2022 and Beyond

Posted by Rob Laurens, Chief Patient Officer on Thu, Jan 27, 2022

We are all hoping that 2022 will be a better year for the world, one where the impact of the pandemic truly begins to subside for everyone around the globe. That said, it is a basic truth that every challenge presents some opportunity, and the impact of COVID-19 on the clinical research and development industry has been no exception.

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BBK Worldwide is Joining the Publicis Health Network

Posted by BBK Worldwide on Tue, Jan 18, 2022


We are very excited to kick off the new year with the announcement that we have been acquired by Publicis Health, the healthcare communications leader that transforms healthcare marketing and communications into healthcare engagement.

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Together, we share a commitment to the clinical trial experience and to enhancing understanding and access for all, and we look forward to joining the Publicis Health network. Our mission remains unchanged, as does our commitment to supporting you in advancing your clinical R&D efforts.


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