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Infographic: A Diversified Outreach Strategy Is Key to Clinical Trial Inclusivity

Posted by Danielle Frate


A Diversified Outreach Strategy
Is Key to Clinical Trial Inclusivity


New Infographic Available for Download

Many clinical trial sponsors are seeking ways to enable hybrid study designs with ease and confidence. Our new infographic follows the patient's journey from consideration to enrollment to engagement throughout the study life cycle, with information to help sponsors create a more diverse and inclusive participation environment.

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eBook: Improving Diversity and Inclusion in Clinical Trials

Posted by Elizabeth Gargill


New eBook Available for Download

As we continue to focus our attention on underserved populations, we've just released a content-rich eBook full of guidance that study sponsors can leverage to create a more diverse and inclusive clinical trial environment. It features a bonus section with excerpts from our recent Q&A with Michele Russell-Einhorn, chief compliance officer and institutional official at Advarra, that provide an IRB's perspective on improving diversity and inclusion in clinical trials.

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Engaging Underserved Populations in Clinical Research

Posted by Elizabeth Gargill


Strategies to Help Improve Clinical Trial Diversity and Inclusion

From Engaging Locally to Removing Financial Obstacles

With health equity at the forefront of many conversations today, study sponsors are seeking ways to make clinical trial participation more inclusive.

At BBK Worldwide, we believe that clinical trials for investigational treatments should reflect the populations that could benefit from them, with the long-term goal of achieving better health interventions for those in greatest need. To help facilitate participation of underserved populations, we have outlined strategic guidance that study sponsors can leverage in their efforts.

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2021: A Look Inside Our Crystal Ball (part one)

Posted by Elizabeth Gargill


As part of our Crystal Ball series, we asked BBK Worldwide President Matt Kibby to share his predictions for 2021, which include engaging  underrepresented populations in clinical research.

Matt Kibby, Principal, President

Is there a particular trend that you expect to have a significant impact on the industry in the coming year?


With COVID-19 dominating the headlines for much of 2020, one might expect that a key development for clinical R&D in 2021 will be the continued integration and expansion of services that support the hybridization / decentralization of clinical trials. Keeping trial participants – who tend to be older and at greater risk for complications from COVID-19 – away from clinical trial sites not only reduces the risk of SARS-COV-2 infection, but also offers the possibility of enrichment of the clinical trial experience; reduces the overall visit and expense burden for patients; and, moreover, reduces the trial burden on clinical trial site healthcare professionals.

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