Why It’s Now Easier than Ever to Engage with Patients Wherever They Are

Why It’s Now Easier than Ever to Engage with Patients Wherever They Are

Posted by Elizabeth Gargill on Thu, Oct 15, 2020



Clinical trial sponsors now have access to several new solutions that make it possible to engage with patients wherever they are now more important than ever before as trials shift to hybrid and decentralized models.

Sponsors can transform their clinical trials with engagement solutions that prioritize patient care and convenience, helping maintain study momentum during COVID-19 and beyond.

The good news is that now sponsors also have the data needed to embrace these solutions with confidence. Our recent Study Voices survey confirms patient enthusiasm for new innovative solutions that make it easier to participate in clinical research, especially in the wake of COVID-19. 

"Patients ranked 'immediate reimbursement' followed by 'access to a study website,' and 'being able to text message with study staff' as the three solutions that matter most when deciding on clinical trial participation. Study apps, medication delivery, telehealth, and in-home nurse visits were also important."

Aaron Fleishman, Market Development


A Closer Look at the Solutions



In-home Nurse Visits

With in-home nurse visits, clinical trial sponsors can provide patient care at home. Nurses, trained on the protocol, can monitor vital signs, collect data, and administer the study drug. 


Medication Delivery

With at-home medication delivery, patients can avoid having to go to the study site to pick up their study medication. Social distancing guidelines and CDC personal hygiene recommendations are followed to ensure patient safety.


Study Apps / Patient Portals

Study apps empower participants with features that inform, engage, and help organize the study experience. With a host of helpful tools such as appointment reminders, visit overviews, educational resources and video, and site contact links, apps provide patients with the study-related support and information they need. They also facilitate two-way communication between patients and site staff with instant messaging and video chats.


Patient Reimbursements and Payments

Today's programs offer a patient- and site-centric approach to clinical trial reimbursement and payments with unmatched immediacy, convenience, and flexibility. New virtual enhancements accelerate the rate by which patients can make online purchases and payments as they no longer need to wait for a physical card.


To learn more about these solutions and others designed to remove barriers to participation, please contact Aaron Fleishman at afleishman@bbkworldwide.com.


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