Turning Clinical Trials into Success Stories

Turning Clinical Trials into Success Stories

Posted by Elizabeth Gargill



Meaningful Engagement at Critical Touchpoints along the Patient Journey

There's no better way to illustrate the importance of meaningful engagement than with the story of one family's journey from clinical trial awareness to participation. The story shows how the right mix of digital and physical touchpoints plays a critical role in creating a positive patient experience. The family's journey begins below.


Support for the Entire Patient Journey

In the wake of their daughter’s diagnosis, the parents come across a BBK Worldwide® listing placed through search engine marketing for a rare disease study opportunity. The parents click through to the study website – culturally adapted for Italy.

The website has an empathetic tone and conveys scientific innovation. The parents speak with their pediatrician, who has heard about the study via a BIO Notifier® alert and advises the parents to complete a prequalifying survey on the study website.

Picture4They choose instead to call the Your Study Nurse Call Center where a BBK-trained representative secures needed information – alleviating site staff burden – and then warm-transfers the call to the nearest study site so that the nurse there can arrange the first screening visit.


Getting There Is Half the Battle

The family is concerned about the prospect of international travel and the complexities involved. BBK’s concierge team facilitates visa procurement and the family is transported to the airport in a car arranged for them through RSG® Arrive in compliance with the latest CDC guidelines on hygiene measures.

Picture3An itinerary is created in the family’s native language. Following the site's approval, it is emailed to the family and available for them through TCN®’s My Clinical Study Buddy® app and web portal.

BBK’s concierge – healthcare communication specialists, adept at reassuring patients/ families – coordinate all visit support services.


Making an Informed Decision

The next day the family visits the site for the screening. The child’s medical records have been translated and the family is greeted by an interpreter to assist with communications. The parents are provided with study materials that inspire confidence in the research and reflect the commitment of the study staff.
Picture4Upon returning to their RSG Arrive-arranged hotel accommodations, the parents review an eConsent study presentation and sign-up to participate through our secure and regulatory compliant TrialCentralNet® portal.


Easing Burden


Upon enrollment, the parents are provided with an RSG® Card to support immediate reimbursements of study-related out-of-pocket expenses. The app and portal display the card balance and there is also a virtual card for immediate access to funds for online purchases. The parents opt to transfer their funds to their personal bank account and understand that they pay no banking fees through the RSG program. They feel welcomed and supported.

Site staff, oriented by BBK, quickly and easily activate additional RSG services for the family through an eBinder tablet provided and centrally managed by BBK.


From Start to Finish


Over the course of participation, the parents benefit from the TCN app / portal which empowers them with visit-by-visit guides, medication information, in-app and email messaging, how-to videos and more. They have a direct access point for up-to-date study information – increasing comprehension, compliance and engagement.


On the Horizon

As the delivery of study results and participant medical record information becomes more commonplace and post-approval observational studies become the norm, the parents will have TCN at the ready to avail themselves of these resources.

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