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Create a Patient-Centric Environment for Decentralized Clinical Trials

Posted by Elizabeth Gargill on Wed, Jun 30, 2021


Create a Patient- and Site-Centric Environment for Decentralized Clinical Trials

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As decentralized clinical trials reshape the clinical research landscape, BBK Worldwide® Chief Innovation Officer Rob Laurens and Lead Concierge Alex Nicholl discuss efforts to help study sponsors embrace these trials with ease and confidence.

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Rob Laurens Goes One-on-One With Outsourcing-Pharma Discussing the Engagement Solution Center

Posted by Elizabeth Gargill on Wed, May 26, 2021


Earlier this week, BBK Principal Rob Laurens went one-on-one with Outsourcing-Pharma discussing the launch of BBK's Engagement Solution Center for decentralized and post-marketing clinical trials, which features concierge service delivery and a robust patient experience portal to ease the clinical trial journey.

In this in-depth interview, Rob addresses the importance and advantages of centralizing design, management, operations, and communications of patient support services. In addition, he provides insight into some of the conversations that led to the creation of the center. Click here to read the full article.

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BBK Worldwide Launches the Engagement Solution Center

Posted by BBK Worldwide on Wed, May 12, 2021


BBK Worldwide® Launches the Engagement Solution Center for Decentralized and Post-Marketing Clinical Trial Success

Concierge Service Delivery and Robust Patient Experience Portal Ease Clinical Trial Journey

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly accelerated the need to reshape research and development. Most specifically, it has led to demand for increased funding for decentralized and larger randomized clinical trials to inform clinical decisions and guide future research.

By launching the Engagement Solution Center, BBK Worldwide® (BBK) is making patient-centric and inclusive trials an immediate and actionable reality for study sponsors.

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