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My First 30 Days at BBK Worldwide

Posted by Renee Plant on Thu, Mar 3, 2022

For two physically identical people, my sister and I have polar opposite cognitive styles.

It’s the classic case of right versus left brain. For example, I followed my creative, right-brained spirit straight into professional writing. Meanwhile, my sister channeled her analytical, left-brained energy to study…well, the brain.

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In a new Outsourcing-Pharma interview, Elizabeth Gargill discusses why clinical trial innovation matters more now than ever

Posted by BBK Worldwide on Fri, Oct 23, 2020


Earlier this week, Elizabeth Gargill went one-on-one with Outsourcing-Pharma, discussing findings from BBK's recent Study Voices survey that reveal shifts in healthcare consumer attitudes and behaviors since the onset of COVID-19. In this in-depth interview, Elizabeth discusses why clinical trial innovation is more important now than ever before and how clinical trial sponsors can leverage the survey findings to enhance their enrollment and engagement efforts.

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What and When to Submit to the IRB?

Posted by Elizabeth Gargill on Wed, Apr 29, 2020

Insights from Advarra on Managing Changes to Patient Enrollment & Engagement due to COVID-19

Get an IRB's perspective on managing clinical trial enrollment modifications due to COVID-19 by watching our interview with Michele Russell-Einhorn, Chief Compliance Officer and Institutional Official, Advarra.

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