Taking the Burden Out of Patient Travel with RSG® Arrive

Taking the Burden Out of Patient Travel with RSG® Arrive

Posted by BBK on Tue, Aug 4, 2015

BBK's RSG Arrive takes the burden out of patient travelImagine a program that takes the hassle out of patient travel within a clinical trial. When dealing with a condition of any sort, be it rare or otherwise, asking a patient to travel across state lines or even to another country, can be a source of anxiety and for many, a financial hardship. Many rare diseases especially, affect newborns who require a parent or guardian to handle travel logistics and accompany the patient. In many instances, travel can affect an entire family not once, but for multiple site visits throughout the course of a study. If not the patients themselves, many parents, guardians or caregivers determine that the complexity involved in getting to a site might outweigh the benefits of participation in a clinical trial. But what if the burden associated with travel could be eliminated?

BBK’s RSG® Arrive, a full-service global concierge program, removes the worry and stress associated with patient travel from patients and sites. It engages the study community, allowing sites and sponsors to focus on providing topline patient care. With RSG Arrive, BBK handles all of the logistical details associated with patient travel whether it is securing passports to ensuring the right transportation is put in place to get even the patients with the most complex conditions from point A to point B both safely and comfortably.

RSG Arrive demonstrates a global reach by providing 24/7 multilingual support throughout all areas of the globe. Several of our current campaigns are utilizing RSG Arrive and are noting its ease of use and the invaluable benefits it provides to patients. Additionally, by implementing RSG Arrive, sites can feel confident their patient will securely get to where they need to be on schedule, allowing the study community to focus on other aspects of the clinical trial, such as relationship-building and providing care for their patients.                 

Travel should not have to be a source of concern for a patient, parent or caregiver looking to participate in what could be a potentially life-altering study. Stay tuned on our blog to learn more about the benefits of a patient travel program for your next clinical trial and be sure to follow us on Twitter @BBKWorldwide for more tips the study community can benefit from.


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