Study Voices Survey: Patients want choice offered through hybrid enrollment solutions

Study Voices Survey: Patients want choice offered through hybrid enrollment solutions

Posted by Elizabeth Gargill on Tue, Mar 8, 2022



New survey findings reveal the importance of offering patients choice when it comes to improving clinical trial diversity, access, and engagement.

Patients want options, or choice, when it comes to clinical trial participation. New data from a recent Study Voices survey reveals the impact choice can have on participation. The findings empower clinical trial sponsors to shift from traditional clinical trial enrollment models to hybrid enrollment models.






The survey reflects attitudes and perspectives of 2,078 men and women, representing a cross section of the general population—including a wide range of ages, ethnicities, and social backgrounds. It includes a percentage of individuals who have participated in a clinical trial.


Surprisingly, the findings do not show dramatic differences in attitudes and experiences based on demographic factors. Rather, they show differences based on personal preference and deliver a clear message to the industry that patients want and, in fact, need choice in their healthcare experience.


Hybrid offer sponsors an adaptive approach that can minimize barriers to participation and help improve enrollment of underrepresented populations. It offers patients increased access, convenience, flexibility, and, most importantly, choice. By leveraging a hybrid approach with a mix of customized solutions that align with individual needs and preferences, clinical trial sponsors can reach and engage patients where they are in their daily lives

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