Study Voices 2020: Survey Findings Vol. 1

Study Voices 2020: Survey Findings Vol. 1

Posted by Elizabeth Gargill


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During the last two weeks of August we surveyed more than 1,200 healthcare consumers, medical professionals, and members of the pharmaceutical industry for their perspectives on topics impacting today's healthcare consumer.

The findings provide a unique look at current attitudes and behaviors that inform the patient experience. They provide clinical trial sponsors with a snapshot of a critical moment in time when we're seeing the rise of telehealth, the adoption of decentralized and hybrid trials, and heightened awareness of clinical research. They also reveal new opportunities and challenges ahead for clinical trial enrollment and engagement.

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Survey Gives Voice to the Healthcare Consumer in the Wake of COVID-19 and Highlights the Importance of Innovation in Clinical Trial Enrollment and Engagement.



Study Voices 2020: Initial Survey Findings

Our Vol. 1 report focuses on initial findings to help inform clinical trial enrollment and engagement during COVID-19 and beyond.



We examine telehealth as an example of a technology-driven solution that has been rapidly embraced but whose long-term adoption is uncertain.

Study-life Balance

We examine study-life balance and the innovative solutions designed to help make room for clinical trial participation in one's life - such as medication delivery, reimbursement programs, study apps, virtual engagement platforms, and traveling nurses.

Clinical Research

And lastly, we examine clinical research - awareness, interest, and willingness to participate - in the wake of COVID-19 to determine if there are opportunities to leverage.

"We hope these findings empower the clinical research industry to continue to embrace innovation in the spirit of the patient experience and in the pursuit of scientific knowledge."

- Aaron Fleishman, Director, Market Development, BBK Worldwide


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