Clinical Trial Innovation: More Important Now Than Ever

Clinical Trial Innovation: More Important Now Than Ever

Posted by Elizabeth Gargill on Thu, Nov 19, 2020



Clinical Trial Innovation: More Important Now Than Ever

A new survey gives voice to the healthcare consumer in the wake of COVID-19 and highlights the importance of innovation in clinical trial patient enrollment and engagement.


New data provides clinical trial sponsors with the information they need to confidently embrace innovative solutions in response to COVID-19. The Study Voices 2020* survey reflects perspectives from patients, medical professionals, and members of the pharmaceutical industry. The findings reveal shifts in attitudes and behaviors since the onset of COVID-19 – insight that clinical trial sponsors can leverage for enrollment and engagement efforts, including for hybrid and virtual study models.

The Study Voices survey provides data that informs the long-term adoption of innovative solutions and empowers clinical trial sponsors to embrace them with confidence.

The survey identifies the tools and technologies that can help patients more easily integrate clinical trial participation into their lives during COVID-19 and beyond – including solutions that address travel, reimbursement, remote visits, and virtual engagement. The findings also reveal the solutions that matter most to patients when deciding on clinical trial participation. Sponsors now have a snapshot of a critical moment in time for clinical research, one that provides insight into the opportunities and challenges ahead for clinical trial enrollment and engagement.

The survey examines:

  • Telehealth adoption and long-term interest
  • Tools and technologies that influence clinical trial decision-making
  • Shifts in clinical trial interest and awareness

* Study Voices 2020 Survey, BBK Worldwide, August 2020

Note: Taken from International Clinical Trials November 2020, pages 18-20. © Samedan Ltd.

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