RSG Arrive Reaches Major Milestone

RSG Arrive Reaches Major Milestone

Posted by Elizabeth Gargill

OdometerRSG® Arrive Reaches Milestone of 20,000 Completed Trips

Enrollment, Engagement, and Satisfaction Data Confirms That Extending Study Support Beyond the Care Setting Yields Positive Results

Launched in 2012, RSG® Arrive has made clinical trial participation possible for thousands of patients worldwide. Today, the program has reached a major milestone with the completion of 20,000 trips. 

At its core, RSG Arrive removes barriers to participation and increases access to care by supporting simple to complex patient travel needs — from ground transportation and hotel bookings to air travel and visa procurement. 


Most recently, the program has been hailed for minimizing clinical trial disruption by solving travel complexities brought on by COVID-19.

“We are extremely proud to achieve this milestone,” says Rob Laurens, principal, chief innovation officer, BBK Worldwide. “It’s humbling to play a role in the delivery of life-changing care for patients and their loved ones, and we look forward to continuing to innovate to support patient needs.”

RSG Arrive features a commitment to care designed to transform the patient journey. “We conduct a thorough protocol analysis to fully understand what it will be like for a patient to participate in a specific clinical trial — and determine what their needs may be from screening through follow-up,” says Mike Johnson, senior director, Patient Engagement Services, BBK Worldwide. “Patients are supported by a team of concierge specialists, who are empathetic to their needs and are experts at solving complex challenges that may jeopardize their compliance,” says Johnson.


RSG Arrive is a flagship service of BBK’s Engagement Solution Center. The recently introduced center also supports clinical trial sponsors with services that include home health visits, medication delivery, digital study tools, and BBK’s newest offering, RSG Meals, which provides prepared meals to patients and their loved ones. The company’s latest data confirms the positive impact these types of patient support services have on clinical trial enrollment, engagement, and overall satisfaction.

RSG Arrive has been implemented in 40 countries, for both large- and small-scale studies, and for widespread diseases like diabetes that may require simple car service to rare diseases such as spinal muscular atrophy that may require international travel with visa procurement, translation services, and long-term housing.


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