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BBK Worldwide Launches VISION

August 1, 2023

Press Release

BBK Worldwide Launches VISION, a Technology-based Solution That Anticipates and Manages Rapidly Changing Clinical Trial Enrollment Environments

Includes Functionality for Next-Level Personalization of the Patient Experience

BBK Worldwide (BBK), a Publicis Health company and global leader in patient recruitment and engagement, today announced the launch of VISION, a tech-enabled solution that empowers clinical trial sponsors with actionable insights and intelligence for strategic decision-making in an increasingly complex enrollment environment. VISION is a new feature in BBK’s TCN® Engage ecosystem of enrollment products and services.

Leveraging BBK’s 40 years of experience, visionary leadership and global capabilities, VISION provides clinical trial sponsors with the information needed to anticipate and react to changing industry trends, regulations and enrollment environments. VISION assesses the landscape before study initiation to maximize planning and execution opportunities. Upon study activation, VISION uses sophisticated algorithms to deliver actionable intelligence to inform adjustments that improve enrollment outcomes.

“VISION provides the guidance needed to navigate today’s industry trends and regulations,” says Rob Laurens, chief patient and provider officer, BBK Worldwide. “Whether it’s FDA-mandated diversity action plans, the Clinical Trials Regulation, or draft guidance for DCTs, VISION creates a flexible road map customized for the evolving needs of each individual study and patient population.”

A technology-based solution, VISION unlocks access to new data trends, analytics and BBK’s global experience taskforce. It operates as a command center, monitoring recruitment and engagement performance and issuing alerts when adjustments in activities or support are needed. “VISION is constantly evaluating data and providing recommendations to ensure studies remain on track — think of it as a navigation tool or GPS for your study,” says Laurens.

VISION’s enhanced data makes it possible to match the correct engagement tactic and message to patients at a particular moment in time during their participation. “VISION creates an action plan to help patients succeed in their clinical trial experience,” says Laurens. “This is the next level of patient recruitment and engagement.”

“VISION prepares sponsors for what’s coming next,” says Laurens. “Today it may be navigating new diversity mandates, tomorrow it may be using AI to accelerate clinical trial enrollment.”


About BBK Worldwide

BBK Worldwide, a Publicis Health company, is a global, full-service R&D marketing firm that equalizes access to care by removing barriers to clinical trial participation. BBK Worldwide has maintained its position at the forefront of patient recruitment and engagement for 40 years. The company's approach to clinical trial enrollment prioritizes meaningful and authentic patient engagement that supports diverse, equitable and inclusive participation for phase 1 through post-approval studies. Headquartered near Boston, Massachusetts, BBK has partners and offices across Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.






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