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Top Five "Back to Basics" Patient Recruitment & Engagement Solutions

Blog September 7, 2023

Elizabeth Gargill  Elizabeth Gargill
Senior Director, Marketing and Public Relations

As we head into Fall, we're sharing five core solutions that are guaranteed to drive success for any patient recruitment or engagement campaign.

Concierge-supported Patient Travel

The right travel program can make all the difference in the world. Our program offers concierge support, which means the added support of dedicated concierge specialists who are guided by critical thinking and problem-solving skills. They assess the entire environment to ensure all patient and caregiver travel needs are met — whether it’s providing a translator, ensuring a vehicle is wheelchair accessible, securing a visa, or arranging for additional support services for an extended stay. In addition, they create supportive relationships with site staff, helping reduce operational complexities.

Learn more about our TCN™ Arrive travel program.

Patient Reimbursement

Centralized reimbursement programs are now standard for many patient recruitment campaigns. What's unique about ours is that we offer customers a proven solution with unmatched flexibility. Whether reimbursing patients for study-related expenses (transportation, parking, meals, etc.) or providing stipends, our TCN™ Card offers immediacy and ease of use for patients and site staff alike. Benefits include:

  • immediate access to funds
  • flexible payment methods (direct deposit, reloadable TCN™ Card, etc.)
  • virtual capabilities (no need to wait for a physical card)
  • online account access via our TrialCentralNet® platform

Learn more about our TCN™ Card reimbursement program.

Educational Materials

Almost every patient recruitment campaign needs educational materials to introduce the study opportunity — whether it's a single brochure, a poster, an email series, a dynamic website, or even an informed consent video. BBK’s creative experts develop visually compelling materials that inform patients about clinical trial opportunities and help keep them engaged once enrolled. Our award-winning copywriters and designers embrace empathy and care as they get to the heart of the clinical trial patient experience.

We recognize that each patient journey is distinct and may be influenced by a variety of factors, including social, economic and cultural, that impact the clinical trial conversation. That’s why our materials reflect the unique characteristics of each patient population, with an emphasis on creating diversity, equity and inclusion in clinical trial participation.

View some of our work.

DEI Initiatives

While improving diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) has been a topic of discussion in the industry for many years, clinical trial sponsors now have an imperative to act as the FDA will soon require the submission of diversity action plans. BBK has been at the forefront of the DEI conversation with a proven commitment to increasing access to care and to supporting a diverse and inclusive research environment. We help clinical trial sponsors engage diverse patient populations — ensuring better health interventions for all in need.

We stress the importance of understanding each unique audience — what they care about, how they feel and what motivates them — and identify any barriers that may need to be overcome.

Learn more about our DEI enrollment solutions.

Technology Platform

Technology platforms continue to expand with enhanced capabilities. Our next-generation platform allows sponsors to build, grow, adapt and evolve studies for participants and sites throughout the clinical trial experience. The TCN® Engage ecosystem unites software, services and support to drive a connected study community. With the ability to be customized on a study-by-study basis, it provides sponsors all the tools needed to build, manage and create a positive clinical trial experience.

By combining a powerful technological infrastructure with real-time data and concierge support, sponsors can:

  • enroll studies faster
  • reduce dropout rates
  • operate recruitment and engagement programs more efficiently

Learn more about our TCN® Engage ecosystem.


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