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Sjogren’s Syndrome

Phase 2A

Case Studies

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We know some clients have strong views — which doesn’t faze us because we have equally strong programs, systems and processes that enable us to customize our offerings for each client and each campaign. 

In this instance, a key client with particular needs and requirements — and a tight timeline — sought centralized patient reimbursement support for a small-scale immune system study for 16 patients in three different countries. 

Given that this was the sponsor’s first experience with centralized reimbursement, the client was skeptical we could meet the aggressive program targets. BBK delivered a program with an on-time launch that ultimately achieved 100 percent patient participation. 



  • Satisfy client’s strong views on rollout design, timing and implementation while guiding them through first-time implementation of a centralized reimbursement program

  • Reconcile competing viewpoints on the most effective but least burdensome ways to train sites

  • Minimize and remove logistical barriers to support sites

  • Meet aggressive Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), despite a lengthy contracting period and a short on-ramp 


TCN Card clinical trial reimbursement



To best serve distinct needs and preferences, BBK designed a two-pronged program that combined training CRAs to train site staff with our own direct training efforts for select sites. This comprehensive approach ensured efficient, intuitive and friction-free usage of the TCNTM Card Program.






Sites made extensive use of the TCNTM Card Program throughout the study. Thoughtful, deliberate and customized site training ensured a seamless experience for both patients and sites. Speaking to the program’s ease of use for all, no patients and just a few sites reached out to BBK requesting support over the entire 18-month implementation period. 

BBK’s reimbursement program removed logistical barriers to alleviate stress and burdens related to study travel and expenditures. 

Low maintenance and high adoption rates: We met the client’s exacting and specific needs and requirements. BBK surpassed all KPI targets, including site inquiry response times and 100 percent patient participation — and demonstrated powerfully  the impact of expertly administered reimbursement programs, to our client’s satisfaction and delight. 


  • Card-icon copy 100% Patient Participation

  • Increase-Referrals_ICON-1 16 Patients

  • Sites_ICON 5 Sites

  • Countries-ICON-1 3 Countries


Reimbursements Per Category

BBK's program allows for flexibility in reimbursement categories — including the common and not-so-common.


Visits may have multiple categories in one reimbursement


Types of Reimbursement

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