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Sickle Cell Disease


Case Studies

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Key Takeaways

With the study underway, BBK Worldwide was hired to drive enrollment in an increasingly competitive marketplace. It was important to move the target audience from a place of skepticism to a place of trust.

BBK was asked to leverage the client’s original patient brochure as creative inspiration for the development of a dynamic recruitment campaign. With a strong message of empowerment, BBK created outreach that reflects a diverse set of patients with sickle cell disease (SCD) to garner wide interest and action.

I am Strong. Sickle Cell Disease

Increase-Referrals_ICONBBK’s referral generation had a significant impact on study enrollment, contributing 36% of referrals consenting into the study.

Voices of SCD


Challenges and Insights

  • Time was of the essence due to the unmet need for innovative treatments as well as a competing study seeking a similar patient population.

  • Building trust in a primary patient population that has historically felt neglected or ignored was critical for success. The “patient voice” needed to be authentic and relatable in order to offset skepticism about clinical trial participation.

  • The outreach needed to also address the patient voice of other underserved populations within the SCD community (i.e., Hispanics, South Asians, Southern European Caucasians and Middle Easterners).

  • With multiple social media platforms to consider (including Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest), BBK’s media experts needed to develop a dynamic media plan that could deliver results in a timely, predictable manner.


BBK worked through focus groups and our DEI advisory board to establish a messaging strategy and campaign design that would reach a diverse audience.

Tactics included:

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Google Search Engine Marketing

  • Streaming Radio

  • Terrestrial Radio Pilot in Atlanta

  • Clinical Notifier — BBK’s Patient Database

  • Grassroots College Poster Pilot



  • Increase-Referrals_ICON-1 1,037+ QUALIFIED REFERRALS


  • Countries-ICON-1 1 COUNTRY (US)
















Throughout the several media flights, the return on investment from Facebook, radio and our grassroots tactics was low. Instagram and Search were clearly outperforming the other tactics.

Our recommendations moving forward included ramping up media efforts skewing a heavier spend toward social media.

BBK’s referral generation had a significant impact on study enrollment. A total of 117 patients consented into the study in the United States. BBK generated 1,300 referrals, with 42 (36%) of those referrals consenting into the study.

To further community involvement and awareness, BBK recommended supporting sites with a study event kit for local events.












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