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Early-Stage Parkinson's Disease


Case Studies

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Key Takeaways

This complex recruitment challenge required complex
solutions — and that’s what BBK delivered.

The study evaluated an investigational drug for people in
earliest stages of Parkinson’s disease in hopes of delaying disease progression. Since patients were not currently in need
treatment, recruitment messaging needed to increase
with, and convey the potential benefits of, early, proactive treatment.

BBK combined a multi-pronged media campaign with robust hands-on site support to aid and ensure effective referral management. The combination of BBK’s strategic outreach
disciplined-but-flexible site support, resulted in achieving referral targets — under budget and ahead of schedule.

  • Participants_ICON 311 ENROLLED PATIENTS



  • Countries-ICON-1 6 COUNTRIES


  • A crowded clinical trial landscape, with over 300 actively recruiting competing studies

  • Study patients had to be newly diagnosed; therefore,
    was premature to leverage trusted recruitment pipeline sources like advocacy and patient groups that patients hadn’t yet joined

  • The difficulty in motivating patients not yet experiencing debilitating symptoms or requiring active treatment to participate in a clinical trial

  • The need to earn the trust and confidence of physicians who might be concerned about handing off, or reluctant
    “lose,” their newly diagnosed patients

  • Sites with highly varying degrees of willingness and capacity to process referrals from various sources beyond their own institution


Parkinsons Disease TV Recruitment


Diversified media approach. Rather than rely on one stream of outreach, BBK devised its approach to compete in a highly cluttered and saturated clinical trial landscape for patient, caregiver and physician attention.

  • Tactics included Google SEM, Facebook with video, Instagram, Clinical Notifier patient database, and digital display ads.
  • This strategy was validated by stark differences in cost per referral by tactic, illustrating the unpredictability of this population’s informational source preferences. In turn, BBK was able to leverage results-based budget reallocations using real-time data to maximize performance.

support. BBK provided ongoing, targeted assistance to sites to ensure consistent and timely referral processing, customizing its approach per site, based on site-specific challenges and needs.




Outreach Icon

Referral Goals Met. BBK’s outreach plan projected 346 patient referrals and successfully generated 348.


Collaborative Partnerships Icon

Collaborative Partnership with Sites Ensured Success. BBK understood that site capacity to process referrals varies widely; nonetheless, 76% of referrals to sites were viewed and assigned a final disposition, well above average processing rates.


Randomization Rate Increase Icon

Quality and Quantity. Sites supported with media throughout the entire media campaign achieved far greater randomization rates than sites with partial or no media support, demonstrating the effectiveness of BBK's efforts to produce volume, quality and efficiency of referrals. The study enrolled two months ahead of schedule.













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