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Overactive Bladder


Case Studies

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Key Takeaways

BBK Worldwide was hired to support patient recruitment and engagement for a large global study investigating two approved treatments for overactive bladder (OAB).

There was significant competition for patient mindshare due to the number of approved and advertised medications for the condition.

To be effective, we needed to break through the clutter to capture patient attention with a compelling creative concept that could be culturally adapted for multiple countries for global audiences.

We also needed to do a deep dive into understanding the patient audience to inform media placement for select countries.

We were also challenged to identify high-performing sites in ten countries.

Overactive Bladder Poster

Challenges and Solutions

We were challenged to engage a range of patients who:

  • Were on treatment but willing to wash off
  • Had discontinued treatment due to lack of efficacy and / or side effects
  • Were managing OAB with incontinence products




To resonate with the patient audience, we developed a strategy and creative concept that reflected the daily challenges that they faced, which included bathroom mapping — a method frequently used by patients with OAB to create their daily routine based on the location of the most convenient bathrooms. The creative direction not only reflected the physical bathroom mapping, but also reflected the notion of taking action and developing a plan or strategy.


Our messaging highlighted the compelling nature of the study — two approved treatments, two distinct mechanisms of actions.
















Within 16 months, BBK’s efforts drove the enrollment of 4,250 patients with OAB, successfully meeting the study goal.

The creative approach resonated with the patient audience that was drawn to and motivated by the study opportunity.

Sites embraced the patient- and physician-facing materials — customized by country, language and culture — and leveraged them heavily during the enrollment process, with several sites requesting additional distributions.



In addition, our site selection recommendations identified sites in ten countries that were responsible for 61.6% of the global screening goal, proving to be a significant source for referrals.

  • Participants_ICON 4,250 ENROLLED PATIENTS


  • Countries-ICON-1 45 COUNTRIES



Materials were translated into 40 languages.

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