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Major Depressive Disorder


Case Studies

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Key Takeaways

A massive three-year, four-protocol pivotal study requiring over 6,700 global participants demanded the highest level of strategic planning, coordination and precise execution to achieve on-time enrollment.

BBK developed a robust, centralized advertising campaign that drove patients to sites in record numbers — boosting screening rates by over 50% and resulting in over 25,000 referrals in 30 months.

  • Countries-ICON-1 6,700 GLOBAL PARTICIPANTS


  • Increase-Referrals_ICON-1 50% SCREENING RATE INCREASE



Motivating a population that may be reluctant to commit to clinical trial participation

Navigating country-specific advertising requirements while implementing highly complex global advertising outreach strategy

Gaining patient and physician mindshare within a crowded treatment landscape




Solution and Impact

The three-year enrollment window allowed BBK to consistently optimize tactical outreach to meet the changing recruitment landscape — as it pertained both to available treatments and to the technological evolution and adoption of mobile devices. BBK anticipated and capitalized on the mobile revolution before competitors could react, maximizing outreach platforms that resulted in a 377% spike in website traffic over a 12-month period and yielded 14,879 new referrals.


  • Participants_ICON 25,179 QUALIFIED REFERRALS

  • Participants_ICON 336 SITES


  • Countries-ICON-1 24 COUNTRIES

By stacking a number of highly targeted outreach tactics to maximize study exposure and engagement, BBK managed to increase total screening rates by over 50%.

Impact: Digital Media and Television Referrals

  • __BBK-WEBSITE-ICONS-2-12 2,341 Paid Search Referrals Paid search referrals spiked during TV and radio deployment, jumping three times their weekly average and delivering 2,341 referrals.

  • __BBK-WEBSITE-ICONS-2-22 2,570 Mobile Advertising Referrals BBK’s mobile and social advertising strategy — deployed prior to other competing depression studies — was effective at engaging patients and driving them to the study website to take the prescreener.

  • __BBK-WEBSITE-ICONS-2-49 19,183 Television Referrals Televised during hours when patients were most likely to be watching TV (early morning, midafternoon and late night), BBK’s advertisement generated over 19,000 new referrals.


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