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Enteric Hyperoxaluria


Case Studies

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Key Takeaways

The client was struggling to enroll a clinical trial evaluating an investigational therapy for enteric hyperoxaluria in patients who had previously undergone Roux-en-Y bariatric surgery — a common cause of the condition.

The challenge: patients are not often aware they have enteric hyperoxaluria and don’t know it is associated with painful and recurring kidney stones. So, then, how do you interest and enroll patients in a clinical trial?

Drawing on in-depth research and prior experience recruiting patients with kidney stones, BBK Worldwide leveraged a bold strategy that prioritized the very real aspect of kidney stones. 



We made the connection between bariatric surgery and kidney stones clear for patients, creating awareness and interest in the study — ultimately generating over 300 referrals.


  • Many patients are not aware of enteric hyperoxaluria and its relationship to bariatric surgery and kidney stones.

  • Because levels of oxalate in the kidneys fluctuate, many patients may initially prequalify for the study, only to fail the screening hours later.







Solutions and Impact

We cast a large net by targeting those who have had bariatric surgery and kidney stones. We leveraged Facebook videos and static ads, Google Search Engine Marketing (SEM) ads and clinical study postings to position the study as a potential way to treat kidney stones. We also emphasized the option of remote participation, which our research determined would be appealing to the target audience.




Dynamic referral processing was critical to the response, as was collaboration with the clinical research organization to ensure that referrals were contacted while interest was high. The effective combination of tactics and messaging resulted in 20 enrolled patients within a four-month period.

  • Participants_ICON 20 ENROLLED PATIENTS

  • Sites_ICON 9 SITES

  • Countries-ICON-1 1 COUNTRY (US)


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