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Early-Stage Breast Cancer

Phase 3

Case Studies

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Key Takeaways

Responding quickly and proactively to a breast cancer diagnosis can often make the difference in the success of a treatment.

Although this study had been underway for a year before BBK Worldwide came on board, enrollment was staggeringly low. Our campaign sought to empower women, at the vulnerable point of first diagnosis, to fight back by aggressively seeking information about all treatment options, including clinical study participation. The central concept, female boxing, encouraged open patient-physician discussions by communicating empathy while urging bold action.

Response was so positive that recruitment finished two months ahead of the revised schedule.


Challenges and Insights

  • This study had been underway for one year, but had achieved only 25 percent enrollment.

  • The sponsor needed to enroll 420 patients, within 12 remaining months, into a study of an investigational treatment for breast cancer in post-menopausal women.

  • Study participation offered “standard of care ‘plus’” — an opportunity to try a new treatment regimen combining an investigational drug with FDA-approved standard therapies to potentially improve response rates and extend progression-free survival.

  • Given that they were providing the patients with their first cancer diagnosis, physicians were somewhat hesitant to broach the topic of clinical study participation; patients, new to the breast cancer landscape, lacked the knowledge or mindsets to inquire proactively.

Come Out Fighting - Early-stage Breast Cancer



Powerful and empathetic messages that deliver encouragement and support can often be key to opening a sense of possibility in women with early breast cancer to pursue all available treatment options aggressively.

Deploying these messages through a variety of media, BBK’s patient recruitment campaign was ultimately so effective that the sponsor adopted the concept to market the treatment upon approval.






BBK’s bold campaign created important discussion opportunities between physicians and newly diagnosed patients, at a vitally important but highly sensitive moment in time. An empowering message to “Come Out Fighting” coached aggressive consideration and pursuit of all treatment options, including this study.

Reigniting a lagging clinical study by encouraging physicians and patients to talk, BBK ultimately enrolled all 420 patients in only 10 months. With just 50 percent of sites participating in BBK recruitment efforts, our approach achieved results with two months to spare — hastening the pace of getting a critical treatment to market.



  • Increase-Referrals_ICON-1 420 Enrolled Patients

  • Calendar_ICON 10 Months of Support

  • Sites_ICON 40 Sites Supported

  • Countries-ICON-1 1 Country (U.S.)

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