Ready, Set, Go Virtual!

Ready, Set, Go Virtual!

Posted by Elizabeth Gargill on Tue, Oct 6, 2020



Ready, Set, Go Virtual!

New virtual engagement solutions are delivering patients the convenience and immediacy they want in their healthcare experience. Solutions that support decentralized or hybrid trials, like BBK’s virtual RSG® Card, are helping to remove some of the barriers to clinical trial participation that patients cite as the most challenging.

As a matter of fact, in BBK's recent Study Voices 2020 survey, patients selected "immediate reimbursement for study-related expenses" as the most important solution influencing their decision to participate in a clinical trial.

And while reimbursement programs are not new to the marketplace, COVID-19 is pushing the development of new functionality including virtual payment capabilities. Cardholders no longer need to wait to receive a physical card and now have immediate access to funds to make online purchases.

Patients are also being provided with more convenience and access to the management of their card and their funds with online platforms like BBK's Patient Experience Manager. With its user-friendly dashboard, patients can easily activate their card, check balances, and make online purchases.




To learn more about how today's payment and stipend programs can enhance your clinical trials and transform the patient experience, contact us.


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