Pharma15 Live! Director’s Chair

Pharma15 Live! Director’s Chair

Posted by Aaron Fleishman on Fri, Jul 17, 2020



As the director and one of the producers of Pharma15 Live! I wanted to share with you some insights into what we’ve learned through an amazing three seasons! First of all, if you were to tell me at the beginning of our series that it would even last three seasons, I’d tell you I’d be shocked – but nonetheless here we are and it’s been great!

The goal of Pharma15 Live! is to work with the clinical research industry elite to bring out the passion they have for the industry. These aren’t simple and easy “Q&A” episodes. They are moments in time for us to take a hard look at difficult topics in our industry, share real world examples, and analyze them to the fullest extent possible.

We want people to agree and disagree; we want people to critique. That’s the magic of the show. Go and watch Matt Kibby and Dan Sfera battle over the challenges of working with sites on large-scale advertising campaigns in our very first episode. That same spark and enthusiasm has carried all the way through to our most recent episode where Craig Lipset and Dr. Ray Dorsey challenge the industry for their limited flexibility in adapting innovative approaches to enhance the patient and site experience.

Certainly season three, which we are now halfway through, has been going on right at the peak of COVID-19. While the core of the show has remained the same, we’ve adjusted to reflect the nature of the world around us. We’ve softened the opinion-based programming and moved to more of a shared learning experience.

Our interview with Michele Russell-Einhorn, Chief Compliance Officer at Advarra, is a wonderful example, and definitely my favorite episode of the season. This episode came at a time where there was so much uncertainty about how to maintain study momentum for study participants. Changes to the protocol needed to be made and made quickly. Studies that didn’t have travel accommodations, medication delivery, and ePro devices suddenly needed these devices and programs in order to keep studies moving. Our industry needed to hear from the IRBs to understand what’s needed; Michele came through, providing guidance and assurance.

It’s a brilliant episode and, again, while not the opinion-based hard-hitting programming our viewers are used to, the timeliness of this interview is at the heart of what we want Pharma 15 Live! to be. Given the status of the industry, what is the best outcome we can hope to achieve and how do we get there? That’s what our show is all about.

I’m excited for what we have in store for the remainder of season three. Our experts can help you plan and prepare your study for the next phase of the new normal with COVID-19 – whether it’s integrating virtual visits, digital engagement solutions, patient and site staff transportation, or study drug delivery.

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