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Turning Clinical Trials into Success Stories

Ebooks & White Papers December 21, 2023

Meaningful Engagement at Key Touchpoints along the Patient Journey

To illustrate the impact of BBK Worldwide's recruitment and engagement solutions, we've created a story based on a composite of typical patient experiences. 

The story shows how the right combination of patient support services, delivered at critical touchpoints, removes barriers to participation and creates positive outcomes.

Leveraging adaptive, full-service solutions that provide support even as patient needs change, BBK is uniquely positioned to help sponsors deliver personalized experiences that drive enrollment success.


Physician Outreach



Jorge and his wife, Anna, live in a Chicago suburb and are in their early sixties. Two years ago, Jorge was diagnosed with prostate cancer — he has undergone initial treatment. 

Jorge has a strong relationship with his oncologist and is interested in learning about a new clinical trial as a potential next step in his treatment plan. 




Jorge's oncologist first learned about the clinical trial from an email he received from BBK’s BIO Notifier® physician outreach service. The email differentiates the study from others in a competitive marketplace. It also promotes an educational podcast that features a physician influencer discussing prostate cancer clinical research, including the clinical trial Jorge's oncologist is encouraged to share the podcast with patients.

Jorge and his wife Anna listen to the podcast together at home — it helps them understand participation and instills confidence in clinical research.

Patient Journey Story - Study Website



With his interest raised, Jorge visits the patient website to learn more about the study. He decides to take the prescreener to see if he may be eligible. He prequalifies, and his information is forwarded to a site in Chicago, about 90 minutes from his home. 





Jorge immediately receives a phone call from a Study Ambassador — a specialist dedicated to supporting the site staff with secondary prescreening and appointment scheduling. As the study ambassador describes the visit requirements, Jorge is worried about the impact participation will have on his daily life as well as Anna’s, who is juggling his caregiving along with a part-time job.

The Study Ambassador informs Jorge of the patient support services available, including travel and reimbursement. He is reassured by the support, especially as he does not want to further burden Anna.

Together, Jorge and Anna visit the site to meet with the principal investigator (PI). They receive study materials, including a patient brochure and visit guide. Jorge requests the materials in Spanish to share with his family members.



After speaking with the PI, Jorge decides that he would like to participate.  

The site uses BBK’s consent tools to facilitate the informed consent process. It features an introductory video available in multiple languages. 

Ground Travel

Jorge and Anna are provided with ground transportation to and from each study visit with BBK’s TCN™ Arrive patient travel program. They request the same driver who has become familiar with their personal needs.




Jorge and Anna are supported with BBK’s TCN™ Card reimbursement and payment program. Jorge likes that the program provides immediate access to funds and that he is not responsible for processing or transaction fees.  




For certain study visits, Jorge is required to fast before receiving the investigational therapy. On those days, he is supported by BBK’s Clinical Cuisine™ — a meal preparation and delivery service that ensures he has a meal available immediately following the infusion.




In the winter months, Jorge and Anna usually head to Florida. They are concerned that study participation may impact their plans. However, working with BBK's concierge specialists, they are able  to adjust the level of travel support to include air travel so that Jorge is able to fly back to Chicago for the monthly study visits. BBK arranges for the delivery of Clinical Cuisine meals upon his arrival in Chicago as an added convenience.

Patient Journey Story - BBK Concierge Staff
Patient Journey Story - At-Home-Health


BBK’s medication delivery comes in handy when Jorge is required to quarantine at home following close contact with someone who has been exposed to COVID.


Some of Jorge's visits are conducted with BBK's in-home study visits. A clinical service provider trained on the protocol visits him at home to administer routine questionnaires, vital sign assessments and blood draws.


BBK’s voice assistant technology delivers appointment reminders, patient medication alerts and travel updates on Jorge's Alexa smart home device.

Patient Journey Story - TCN Engage


Throughout the clinical trial, Jorge has real-time access to BBK's services and concierge support through TCN® Engage, BBK's patient engagement platform.

Accessing the platform via desktop or mobile device, Jorge and Anna are able to download their travel itineraries, view their reimbursements and follow the visit schedule. 


They find that the platform helps them to take a more active role in managing the clinical trial experience and adhering to study requirements.

Story-Square-Images_Study-Materials-1 copy

Study Materials

TCN Card

TCN™ Card

TCN Arrive

TCN™ Arrive







Following 18 months of participation, Jorge's clinical trial journey comes to an end. He and Anna reflect on it as a positive experience that allowed Jorge to pursue clinical research as part of his treatment plan.




While Jorge and Anna's story is a composite of various patient and caregiver experiences, it illustrates the value of a seamless, full-service approach in meeting patients' evolving needs. By embracing an approach that allows for the delivery of the right service at the right time, sponsors can create a positive environment for enrollment success.




From Awareness to Engagement, BBK's Full-Service Approach Ensures Continuous Support Throughout the Entire Patient Experience.

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