New BBK eBook: Next-Gen mHealth

New BBK eBook: Next-Gen mHealth

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guide-next-gen-mHealth_Image.pngIt’s been about a year since we released our first Focus 5 eBook on mHealth, and in that time much has changed in the digital health landscape. With a clearer understanding of the benefits, organizations are eager to integrate mobile health solutions to steamline patient care, and stengthen patient recruitment and engagement programs, while tech innovators continue to advance and refine these technologies for optimal clinical use. Now that mHealth has entered this next phase of adoption and development, it’s the perfect time to see where we are and where we still must go.

Our latest eBook, “Focus 5: Next-Gen mHealth” offers insights from industry innovators and thought-leaders who are currently using mobile health capabilities in their efforts to improve care delivery and empower patients. In it, they discuss how mHealth is facilitating patient-centric care, and elaborate on its challenges and future potential. Highlights include:

  • Lauren Bataille, Associate Director of Research Partnerships with the Michael J. Fox Foundation explains how her organization uses mHealth to empower patients through their own data and feedback
  • Dr. Georgia Mitsi, Founder and CEO at Apptomics, discusses how informed patients influence the growth of mHealth, data collection, and healthcare monitoring and delivery
  • Dr. Chris Landon, pulmonologist and CEO at Landon Pediatric Foundation, shares his experiences in utilizing mobile health technologies and offers insights on how mHealth stands to impact healthcare
  • Thomas Klein, Founder and CEO of Be the Partner, highlights how digital health capabilities empower patients with post-study data and build true patient-sponsor relationships

Download the eBook here and let us know what you think. We will be posting BBK President and Chief Innovation Officer Matt Kibby’s DIA 2016 Innovation Theater presentation on mHealth soon, along with a recap of our takeaways from DIA 2016.


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