My First 30 Days at BBK Worldwide

My First 30 Days at BBK Worldwide

Posted by Renee Plant on Thu, Mar 3, 2022


For two physically identical people, my sister and I have polar opposite cognitive styles.

It’s the classic case of right versus left brain. For example, I followed my creative, right-brained spirit straight into professional writing. Meanwhile, my sister channeled her analytical, left-brained energy to study…well, the brain.

While she was always certain about her desire to become a neurologist, my career path shifted during college, as it became increasingly clear newspapers were well on their way to becoming obsolete. This presented then-print journalism majors with two options: step away from the keyboard and in front of the camera, or embrace digital journalism. Buried under a fear of public speaking, I chose the latter, and television viewers everywhere rejoiced.

Regardless of whether you’re on air or in print, being a journalist means becoming an expert in any subject you’re assigned to cover. Your audience is relying on you to deliver engaging content and include the most up-to-date facts on tight deadlines. There’s a delicate balancing act involved with getting the story out quickly while also ensuring the information is correct.

Like many journalists, I eventually found myself burnt out by the daily news cycle and began reevaluating my career path. Little did I know, it was about to take a scientific turn.

It was during my maternity leave that I became increasingly interested in pediatric care, obsessing over the most recent guidelines and studies pertaining to children. I realized then I could incorporate my new role as a parent with my experience as a writer to curate copy for parenting-related websites and apps.

Sometimes I wrote “fluff” pieces about popular baby names and cute clothes for toddlers, but more often, I was writing about health-related recommendations for children. This information was highly important and medically complex. Parents were consuming these articles for reliable guidance regarding their children, and more than ever, it was vital for me to get the facts right. Over the years, I learned about credible medical sources, spoke with countless physicians, and ultimately decided healthcare writing was where I wanted to hang my hat.

Enter BBK Worldwide.

I hadn’t worked with clinical trials before BBK, but I felt I had the research skills and creative chops to do quite well in this position. Fortunately, my now-colleagues agreed during the interview process, and I’ve just wrapped up the first month of what I hope will be a long tenure with this incredibly innovative company.

What stands out about this position is that it’s multifaceted and collaborative. Each day is different, and while the assignments may change, the staff’s collective enthusiasm never wavers. The creativity continuously flows, and while the subject matter is often weighty, the overall mood is light.

Like any good partnership, I’ve watched my coworkers inspire each other. There’s nothing more gratifying than working with like-minded people who are consistently on the same wavelength, or seeing the sparkle in someone’s eye when they’ve thought up a brilliant idea to share. It’s a rarity, and it’s refreshing.

Here’s to new adventures - and to finally understanding what my sister means when she talks about clinical trials. Of all the racks where I could’ve hung my proverbial hat, I’m confident I chose the very best one.

Cheers to many more years!


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