Mike Johnson Discusses RSG Arrive Milestone With Outsourcing-Pharma

Mike Johnson Discusses RSG Arrive Milestone With Outsourcing-Pharma

Posted by Elizabeth Gargill on Thu, Oct 21, 2021



Earlier this week, BBK's Senior Director of Patient Engagement Services Mike Johnson spoke with Outsourcing-Pharma to discuss the RSG® Arrive travel program and its recent milestone of 20,000 completed trips.

In this in-depth interview, Mike discusses what sets this program apart from others as he highlights the concierge specialists who are experienced in understanding all the ramifications of a request, as it relates not only to arranging a travel itinerary but also ensuring the itinerary supports patient health, safety, and compliance. In addition, Mike shares insight into the significance of the milestone for BBK as well as the industry at large. Click here to read the full article.

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