Keys to Operational Excellence in Global Patient Recruitment

Keys to Operational Excellence in Global Patient Recruitment

Posted by Elizabeth Gargill on Tue, Aug 18, 2015

eBook_global_patient_recruitmentPlanning. Strategy. Execution. Most would agree they form the foundation for patient recruitment. In today’s pressure filled clinical research environment, optimized enrollment is an imperative. However, in the rush to enroll on-time or ahead of schedule, certain strategies and executional elements can often be compromised. Global studies are particularly at risk due to their operational complexities.

 One way sponsors can mitigate this risk is by building a recruitment program based on operational excellence – not only leveraging resources, processes and experience, but new technologies and new ways of thinking – for a smarter and more strategic approach that drives results. By understanding and embracing the discipline of adaptive patient recruitment, sponsors can use data in real time to protect on-time enrollment in a constantly changing recruitment landscape.

 BBK’s latest eBook – Operational Excellence for Successful Global Patient Recruitment – provides insight and strategies to help sponsors position themselves for long-term enrollment success by:

  •          Building a Roadmap for Success
  •          Improving Site Selection
  •          Gaining Patient Mindshare
  •          Attaining Cultural Relevance
  •          Reaching the Right Audience
  •          Leveraging Real-Time Data

 With a solid foundation in place, sponsors are able to achieve their objectives while responding to the ever-changing recruitment landscape – adapting and enhancing programs at a moment’s notice. Attention can shift – sponsors can leverage analytical skills to optimize performance for an adaptive approach.

 By preserving the integrity of planning, strategy and execution, operational excellence creates the framework for global patient recruitment programs that drives results while maintaining timelines and budgets.

 Download your Free Copy Today and see how building a global patient recruitment program on a foundation of operational excellence drives results. 

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