Guest Spotlight: Dr. Chris Landon Talks mHealth Opportunities and Challenges

Guest Spotlight: Dr. Chris Landon Talks mHealth Opportunities and Challenges

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Landon_Pediatric_Foundation_Pic.jpgThis week’s guest post and Focus 5 eBook excerpt comes from Dr. Chris Landon, a pulmonologist with more than 30 years of experience in cystic fibrosis care and the CEO of the Landon Pediatric Foundation. Dr. Landon weighs in on how mHealth continues to impact his own efforts to optimize care and shares his insights on how mobile technologies are re-shaping clinical research and health care.

The following excerpt offers a glimpse into his thoughts on the role pharma plays in fueling adoption. For full access to his contribution and the entire eBook, you can download it here.

As we move forward, how can pharma and other study stakeholders help fuel the adoption of mHealth?

There is the potential for a very supportive ecosystem, yet there remains a large amount of paper and challenges with electronic health care records (EHRs). Having watched various versions of Health Language 7 interfere with health information exchange between competing EHRs, I believe we need a single overlay on top of the EHR with registries and vital events tracking; data collection and reporting; electronic decision support with study information, protocols, algorithms and checklists; provider-to-provider user groups sharing recruiting information and disease consultation; work planning for the local clinical trial organization with scheduling and human resource management; supply chain management; and financial transactions and incentives including patient travel.

Our group has been working on this for two decades and we are beginning to see the integration as the issues of secure information, rapid data acquisition, adequate memory and storage, and the acceptance by the FDA of new endpoints. We are currently funded by pharma to test the integration of products like CareMessage in our COPD, diabetes, and cystic fibrosis trials bringing the mobile phone function of short message service to the patient for reminders, decision aids, video recordings, images, and interactive message and voice response. The frustration and reluctance of physicians to participate in the process can be overcome by clinician-led measures to be presented with relevant information and with fewer clicks.

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