Guest Spotlight: Apptomics CEO Dr. Georgia Mitsi Talks mHealth for Parkinson’s Patients and their Physicians

Guest Spotlight: Apptomics CEO Dr. Georgia Mitsi Talks mHealth for Parkinson’s Patients and their Physicians

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georgia-mitsi.pngAs organizations across life sciences and health care look to practically apply mHealth solutions in care delivery and clinical research strategies, it is important to better understand these innovations; how and where they’re working best and how they can be further improved. We are pleased to be partnering with Apptomics and we are looking forward to expanding the possibility of these new technologies in their application for neurological disorders and beyond. Dr. Georgia Mitsi, founder and CEO of Apptomics, has created and implemented mHealth solutions in clinical research settings, and  in our latest eBook on Next-Gen mHealth, she shares her thoughts on the inner workings of the current mobile health landscape. 

mHealth targets several different audiences. Can you share some examples, from your own work, of these technologies bringing big benefits to patients?

One of the greatest opportunities that mHealth creates is to better educate patients about their condition. For a patient living with Parkinson’s, the time spent at his/her specialist’s office per year is estimated around 60 minutes, across three visits. This is simply not enough time to evaluate symptoms, progress, and to ask questions. What’s more, often patients suffer from unnecessary side effects that could be minimized if only doctors had access to reliable data that would enable simple adjustments to their medication. mHealth solutions like ours can facilitate tests and mimic parts of the neurological evaluation in minutes via tablet or smartphone, allowing specialists to better understand how the patient is responding to his/her medication. Any necessary adjustments to medication can be adjusted in real-time, helping the patient immediately versus waiting for the next visit, often three or four months later.

This is just one portion of Dr. Mitsi’s contribution. To read more, Download the full eBook here, and check back often for more news on the trends and innovations at the heart of mobile health. You can also follow Apptomics on Twitter at @Apptomics.


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