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Study Voices: Choice Closes the Gap between Clinical Trial Interest and Action

Infographics March 15, 2022

Insights from Our Study Voices Survey

New survey results and insights help clinical trial sponsors improve diversity and inclusion, enroll faster and keep participants engaged longer.

When we developed our latest Study Voices survey, we expected to see large gaps in attitudes and experiences among healthcare consumers and clinical trial participants based on factors such as age, race, ethnicity, gender and income — but that wasn’t the case.

What emerged was the clear message that patients want, and in fact need, choice in how they access and participate in clinical trials.

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Choice Closes the Gap between Clinical Trial Interest and Action

Patients face a gap between their interest in clinical trial participation and their abilities to pursue or engage in that interest. 

The Study Voices 2021 survey findings include responses from 2,078 healthcare consumers, conducted in the United States in August 2021.

I would consider participating in a clinical trial:

  • 14% Disagree

  • 12% Neutral

  • 74% Agree

Willing to Consider Clinical Trial Participation: All Respondents

  • 76% American Indian or Alaskan Native

  • 75% Asian

  • 70% Black or African American

  • 70% Hispanic or Latino

  • 71% Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander

  • 75% White or Caucasian


A Diversified Outreach Strategy Is Key to Improving Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity (DEI)


While a large percentage of the three racial groups surveyed learned about the clinical trial they'd previously participated in from a doctor, social media was a more effective outreach tool for minority groups than for White or Caucasian participants.

  • 13% of respondents were previously clinical trial participants

  • 47% of respondents were highly motivated to participate by reimbursement


Patients Want Hybrid Solutions That Offer Convenience

  • 68% of all respondents preferred in-office visits over telehealth and home visits


When asked to rank their preference for an in-person visit with their doctor, a telehealth visit or a home visit by a nurse, 68% of all respondents ranked a visit with their doctor first.







How far would you be willing to travel to a doctor's office for more than a routine checkup?


Do you have high-speed internet?

Out of our total respondents, those who had previously participated in a clinical trial typically found telehealth visits to be more important to their engagement; however, when offering telehealth visits, it is important to consider those whose access may be restricted by their lack of high-speed internet connection.

  • 15% of total respondents in rural areas DO NOT have high-speed internet

  • 9% of total respondents in suburban areas DO NOT have high-speed internet

  • 10% of total respondents in urban areas DO NOT have high-speed internet

How important is it to you to be able to have telehealth visits with your doctor?



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