Decentralized Clinical Trials

Decentralized Clinical Trials

Posted by Elizabeth Gargill on Fri, Oct 29, 2021


The One Thing Every Sponsor Needs to Start a Decentralized Clinical Trial Off Right

I recently sat down with Chief Innovation Officer Rob Laurens to discuss how BBK's Engagement Solution Center solves many of the challenges sponsors face when planning and initiating a decentralized clinical trial. 

Q: How does BBK’s Engagement Solution Center help study sponsors conduct decentralized clinical trials?

A: Well, our Engagement Solution Center was inspired by the need to help study sponsors engage patients outside of a traditional clinical trial setting. It features concierge service delivery and a robust patient experience portal to ease the clinical trial journey.

The Engagement Solution Center provides sponsors with a full range of patient-centric solutions, including medication delivery, home health visits, telehealth, reimbursement, and travel.

We have a team of concierge specialists who implement our patient support services. They are seasoned individuals, empathetic to the needs of patients and supportive of the needs of site staff. They understand the complexities of a decentralized environment and are experts at solving complex challenges that can jeopardize patient compliance.

Our Engagement Solution Center addresses some of the operational complexities associated with decentralized clinical trials. Our central platform TrialCentralNet® tackles issues associated with multiple vendors and systems, as well as the integration of data – reducing some of the operational burden for sponsors and site staff. The platform also creates efficiencies by centralizing the management, communication, and operations of patient support services.

To download our Focus 5 publication on this topic, click here.


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