The Debate is Heating Up!

The Debate is Heating Up!

Posted by Aaron Fleishman on Wed, Mar 21, 2018

Social-700.jpgWhen it comes to clinical trial advertising, is “the juice worth the squeeze,” so to speak? To get at the heart of this issue, BBK Worldwide is bringing together industry experts to square off on the live video stream debate “Does Clinical Trial Advertising Deliver?” 

Join us on March 28th at 1:00pm EDT for a live 15-minute showdown between experts, debating the timely topic of direct-to-consumer advertising to support clinical trial recruitment.

With this lineup, you will not want to miss it!

Our Challengers:

Matt Kibby, President, BBK Worldwide

Shwen Gwee, Head of Digital Strategy, Biogen

Dan Sfera, Owner and CEO, The Clinical Trials Guru

 Our Moderator:

Kaitlin Kelleher, Conference Producer, Cambridge Healthtech Institute 

We encourage listeners to join the rebuttal by sending your thoughts our way at

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