Bonus Content: COVID-19 and Beyond Virtual Town Hall

Bonus Content: COVID-19 and Beyond Virtual Town Hall

Posted by Elizabeth Gargill

More of Your Questions Answered

In this special video clip, industry innovators Aaron Fleishman and Craig Lipset answer some of the overflow questions from our Virtual Town Hall on maintaining clinical trial momentum during COVID-19 and beyond.

This 20-minute segment features answers to your questions relating to:

  • Implementation of decentralized trials
  • Impact of COVID-19 on enrollment of healthy volunteers
  • Biggest concerns for clinicians around remote contact with patients
  • Advancing decentralized trials while not leaving behind people without access to reliable internet, electronic devices, or digital savvy
  • Validating new digital endpoints for decentralized trials
  • Impact of telemedicine and other decentralized trial approaches on  monitoring and source data verification (SDV)



  • Craig H. Lipset, Founder, Clinical Innovation Partners LLC, Former Head of Clinical Innovation, Pfizer
  • Aaron Fleishman, Director of Market Development, BBK Worldwide®




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