BIO Notifier: For the Advancement of Global Clinical Research

BIO Notifier: For the Advancement of Global Clinical Research

Posted by BBKWorldwide on Mon, Oct 26, 2015

BIO_Notifier_ImageA recent survey conducted on behalf of the National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Network shows that 89% of people would be willing to take part in a clinical trial if they were diagnosed with a medical condition or disease. This figure has very positive implications for the enterprise of global clinical research, as patient enrollment is one of the defining aspects of its success. So why is it that half of all investigative sites under-enroll for patients, and 11% of sites fail to enroll a single patient for a clinical trial?

These figures may point to the conclusion that many of the patients who are willing to enroll in clinical studies are simply not aware of the opportunities they have available to them. If patients are generally unaware of research studies as a viable option for treatment, the likelihood that they will find these opportunities on their own is slim. That is why doctors and physicians are such an important audience to reach when recruiting for clinical trials.

In an effort to better connect physicians with the sites and studies that best match their clinical expertise, BBK Worldwide recently launched an update to BIO Notifier®, a notification service designed for physicians and research sites looking to engage in or improve their work in clinical research. The website now offers an enhanced user interface (UI) and additional features including custom, automated study alerts for global clinical study opportunities, opinion polls and enhanced profile management.

The driving idea behind BIO Notifier® is to enact, on a smaller scale, what we see as the future for global clinical trials at large, by acknowledging the interconnectedness of patients, doctors and sites. Positioning the right study in front of medical professionals with the most relevant experience is beneficial for both sites and patients. A recent finding from a BBK research initiative found that 92% of doctors are willing to refer their patients to clinical research studies, including ones they aren’t affiliated with. Besides providing doctors with opportunities to serve as principal investigators, BIO Notifier® also serves as a central location for medical professionals to generate dialogue among their peers with opinion polls and focus groups.

Since the launch of these updates, BIO Notifier® has been very well received by doctors and physicians. Peter A. Grekin, MD, Emergency Physician says of the website “I’m looking forward to leveraging the new enhancements to better understand the latest study opportunities and bring relevant research opportunities to my patients.” As we seek to remove the hurdles that these professionals experience in connecting patients with the right clinical studies, we hope to contribute to the overall health and progress of global clinical research.

Visit the BIO Notifier® website yourself to learn more about its updates and capabilities, and follow us on Twitter at @bbkworldwide.