Free eBook: Are You Patient-Centric?

Free eBook: Are You Patient-Centric?

Posted by BBK Worldwide on Wed, Nov 19, 2014

We’re pleased to announce the availability of our latest eBook: Are You Patient-Centric? Organizations with a patient-centric approach will outperform and maintain a competitive advantage over those who are solely focused on their bottom line. It’s really that simple. We know this to be true because it has been our experience for more than thirty years – and “The Patients to Find the Cure” is much more than our company’s tagline. Patients are at the center of everything we do.

And that’s why we couldn’t be more enthusiastic about the range of ways our industry is working to redefine itself around patient needs, wants, insights and knowledge.

What is patient centricity?

Patient centricity is a philosophical commitment to understand what matters to patients as a group – such as those with a specific condition – as well as being attentive to each patient’s experience with his or her disease and within a clinical trial. It means caring intensely about every study participant in your study, at every visit – through every procedure.

Patient-centric programs value the patients’ perspectives on what is being studied, what outcomes matter most in terms of daily living, or to what extent a patient would go to improve or expand treatment options. It’s an approach that includes patients in study design, outreach, message development, site orientation, training – and ultimately in sharing the results. 

Companies that pursue true patient centricity are gaining a long-term advantage over those who wait. As it turns out, doing right by your patients is good for your study, good for the science, and good for business.

We hope you’ll Download your Free Copy Today and join the conversation here or on Twitter with the hashtag #BBKPatientsFirst.

Are You Patient-Centric eBook

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