Why Your Study Needs a Patient Recruitment Portal

Why Your Study Needs a Patient Recruitment Portal

Posted by Jarrett Lowe on Tue, Jan 28, 2014

MR main 1 large resized 600Clinical studies today rely heavily on the transparency of real-time enrollment data that can be disseminated, analyzed, and evaluated to make critical decisions at a moment in time. But what is the best way to be looking at and analyzing these metrics? Where can this data be tracked in one, single location to provide real-time enrollment metrics and reporting? BBK Worldwide’s patented patient recruitment Web portal, TrialCentralNet (TCN®), houses all of these features and more. Hundreds of users log in to this secure portal every day to access their study metrics related to clinical trial enrollment projections and site performance. But how does it work? What does TCN possess that makes it so unique and dynamic? Here are a few features of the system that make TCN stand out in the clinical trial data crowd:

Document Control for Multinational Studies
One of the most valued features of TCN is the document control and tracking mechanism for any study-related materials that need to be developed, translated, and eventually distributed to study sites. This could include anything from study brochures and posters for patients to quick reference materials for site staff. Document Manager minimizes the need for tracking spreadsheets to manage translations and cultural adaptation for each country. TCN’s Document Manager makes document control a simple and clear process, tracking each document from the original draft to the final translated piece.

Real-Time Analytics for On-The-Go Study Teams
Are you often on the go and don’t have time to sit at your desk to access the information you need to make study-related decisions? Well, lucky for you, TCN is available for download as an app for tablets and smartphones so you can access the information you need whenever and wherever you are. Access to dynamic reports and study progress makes working on the road easy and effective.

Not only is TCN available on your tablet or smartphone, the portal can also link directly to your study’s IVRS / IXRS data feed, allowing study metrics and statistics to be updated in real time into easy-to-read reports and graphs. All of this real-time information assists clinical trial sponsors to make informed decisions about site performance and enrollment and retention progress.

By implementing this patented infrastructure for your clinical trial, you are empowering users at all levels by allowing transparency of important study metrics that drive the success of enrolling a clinical trial.

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