Movin' On Up

Movin' On Up

By Joan F. Bachenheimer on Tue, Jun 18, 2013 | 4 min read

joan 004 edit resized 600 resized 600This summer is BBK's 30th anniversary. Befitting this momentous occasion is our announcement that we have moved our corporate offices to bigger and better facilities. We are now flanked by technology support ranging from smart boards and video conferencing, to mobile phone charging stations and state-of-the art on-site and off-site server infrastructures. 

Our new office space mirrors the innovation of our calling but more so, it creates a quintessential environment for the people that are BBK.

I know that a blog should offer insights and intelligence for the industry we serve. And, maybe, singing the praises of the staff at BBK, whose dedication and professional prowess astound me on a daily basis is not blog fodder. But, I would be remiss in my responsibilities as founding principal if I did not take a moment to publicly thank the BBK men and women who make coming to work a continual joy and privilege for me. 

But, here's the rub. Maybe what the entire clinical research and development industry lacks is admiration - positive reinforcement for meeting deadlines; managing the intricacies of administering global studies; and forging ahead despite the complexities of regulatory constraints. Maybe a bit of effusive verbiage is just what the doctor ordered.

So, here goes: 

Thank you Steven for caring about every vendor and nut and bolt that made BBK's next step possible. Bonnie and Liz, you are a dynamic negotiating duo that made our new office space a reality. Warren and Lauren, you are the detail king and queen. Matt S., your creative energy and branding expertise have infused our new space with energy and vitality. Your staff walks closely behind you with Justin and Mike not only lending their creative spark, but also wielding hammer and drill to set up tables and desks. Then, we have the professional shopping crew of Erica, Jenn, and Amanda who were able to secure the most obscure details to make our new home shine. Our production and distribution center, led by Carla is an efficiency expert’s dream. And, who, disguised as an accountant and controller, ensured that every piece of wood and cloth had a finished detail: none other than Mr. Belt - a member of an elite group of finance pros who safeguard our resources with thoroughness and precision.

While many were in charge of building the new space, our client service professionals were busy keeping the home fires burning and ultimately were key to breaking down our former fifteen-year home. Not a small task, but one that clearly demonstrated our front-line personnel's management expertise. 

I could go on and on. Daliys, I haven't forgotten you. Nor, Matt K. and his merry troupe of programmers who are introducing web-based innovation as part of our new space, as well as the in-service training program designed by Rob and Nicole. All the while, the creative techies have assumed responsibility for the messaging and art to be displayed on our multi-screened, audio-visual platform at our new location. 

What more can we add to this case? Maybe it’s a bad time to bring it up but, our corporate office move is happening just before the Drug Information Association's (DIA) Annual Meeting which means that Jackie, Elizabeth, Aaron, and Laura are completely preoccupied with, and dedicated to, our social media and industry press presence.

So, in honor of our move and the upcoming DIA summit, here's to us - to our sponsors, CROs, vendors, alliance partners, and colleagues. What I am hoping to convey is that sometimes it’s just important to stand back, be proud, and feel good about what you do. When you think about it, it may very well be the smartest move of all.

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