Summer’s heating up at

Summer’s heating up at

Posted by Aaron Fleishman on Wed, Aug 1, 2012

IMG 8382 resized 600As if this summer wasn’t hot enough, we’re turning up the heat a little more by introducing exciting products and services during our Summer Sale. Each Monday we’ll be showcasing one product and delving a little deeper into how it can benefit the entire clinical research community. So, as we begin the month of August, here is a sneak peek at some of the products we’ll be showcasing.

Your Study Nurse helps increase the number of qualified patients who contact your site, and streamlines the screening process for site staff.  With this service, your sites are only in contact with truly qualified patients who are ready to enroll.

Site Recruitment Readiness Index

The Site Recruitment Readiness Index program helps gauge a site's potential for meeting enrollment goals on time. The program evaluates sites based on the critical metrics, looking at key characteristics and protocol-specific criteria.

Referring Physician Kit

When it comes to enrolling patients for clinical research studies, having a strong, robust referring physician network is essential. BBK's Referring Physician Toolkit helps establish just that! Investigators expand their existing network of referring physicians with a host of tools designed to inform and motivate others to refer patients for clinical study participation.

Call Center Identification and Management

Take the complexity and burden out of call center maintenance and services from site staff and sponsors so they can better focus on what's crucial to clinical research. Responsive, patient-friendly, and effective, our call center is designed to enhance patient recruitment and retention performance, and alleviate time-consuming tasks.

Be sure to check back in throughout August to get more information and updates on special products and services. Also, be sure to check out the Summer Sale and this month’s featured contributor, Southern Star Research.

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