Ring the Dinner Bell: Referring Physician Programs

Ring the Dinner Bell: Referring Physician Programs

Posted by Karyn Besegai on Tue, Jul 10, 2012

Co-Founder of BBK Worldwide Joan F. Bachenheimer wrote in a recent blog, “When options are limited, the medical community has an obligation to convey to patients the clinical trial options available to their patients.” Physicians play a crucial role in this and therefore it is important to foster relationships with them. Here’s an example of how.

My uncle always said to me growing up, “If you’re cookin, I’m eatin!” Referring physician dinners have become my thing here at BBK, and I thank my uncle for his inspiring words that have helped me with this. As part of my initiation into BBK, I was given the task of planning all referring physician dinners for sites throughout the U.S.  As I’ve become somewhat of a “referring physician dinner expert”, I’ve found that these events are an effective resource for doctors to raise awareness and educate other physicians about the study, both inside and outside of an existing referral network. However, these events are not just your ordinary business meeting dinner; there is a particular element of strategy that goes into planning events like these. For these dinners to be successful, it’s important to create a private, yet open, environment to facilitate study-related discussions.

These dinners wouldn’t be the same without the support of a solid relationship between BBK and the attendees. That’s where my continuous contact with study coordinators and principal investigators comes in. On an almost daily basis, I’m in communication with study personnel planning and executing these events. So, once the main event comes around, it’s great to all come together to collaborate and talk about the study. And after the meeting, it’s great to hear that the sponsor is pleased with the results.

But the icing on the cake is really all the positive feedback from attendees through thank you notes and emails. Planning these dinners is now something that I enjoy, and luckily, I’m the designated go-to person when the need for a special event arises.  Right now I’m working an international dinner and I have no doubt that it will go as smoothly as all the other events I’ve planned.

For those of you who follow the BBK social media experience, and if you don’t you should! I’ll be sure to include my top choices for international dinner events on our Foursquare page. Happy dinning to all!


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