BBK's My Protocol Pal App for Site Engagement Featured in PharmaVOICE

BBK's My Protocol Pal App for Site Engagement Featured in PharmaVOICE

Posted by BBK Worldwide on Wed, Apr 1, 2015

My Protocol Pal mobile app for Site EngagementWe’re incredibly proud to have our My Protocol Pal (SM) mobile app and site engagement platform featured in PharmaVOICE’s inaugural Innovation issue, out today. Designed to recognize organizations that are breaking new ground, the issue celebrates “the culture of innovation and achievement across the global healthcare/pharmaceutical industry spectrum.

Recognizing the demand for new approaches and solutions to improve site engagement and patient enrollment, My Protocol Pal was designed to help sponsors keep studies and sites on track by delivering key study information, tactics and strategy – to ensure that each study community has what it needs to stay informed, and to enroll and keep the right patients. My Protocol Pal also offers real-time reporting and analysis so sponsors know how each site is performing at all times, which sites might need improved engagement and/or additional materials, and are immediately alerted to any issues that might arise, like a high screen failure percentages.

We know that anytime, anywhere access to information relating to clinical research is critical, but innovations across mHealth and elsewhere remain conceptual until they’re in the hands of the people who need them. This is why we chose to remove a key barrier to adoption – cost – by making the app infrastructures for My Protocol Pal, and our patient-facing app My Clinical Study Buddy®, available at no cost for sponsor clinical teams, CROs and researchers throughout 2015.

Today’s PharmaVOICE recognition is not just a testament to our own team’s efforts, it speaks to those within our client and clinical research communities who work tirelessly to push clinical research innovations forward – to streamline trials processes and create efficiencies that will, in the end, reduce timelines and get much needed therapies to market faster.

To learn more about My Protocol Pal click here. For a discussion on the role mHealth is playing in clinical trials, please join our upcoming webinar with mHealth experts from Oracle and Empatica on Thursday, April 16. Click here to register.

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