BBK Worldwide Makes Its Mark

BBK Worldwide Makes Its Mark


BBK Worldwide’s new logo was recently selected from among 35,000 entries to be showcased in LogoLounge Book 11 – the bestselling book series that features the leading edge of identity design by highly accomplished and noteworthy designers. The international competition was judged by a preeminent panel of experts who represent the best of the best in the design community. With this recognition, let’s take a closer look at the award-winning logo and the creative vision behind it.

The Meaning behind the Mark

The logo was developed as part of a new brand platform reflecting our commitment to enhancing the patient experience. As the cornerstone of our brand, and one of our most valuable assets, it was important that the logo not only establish a defined and memorable look but distinguish BBK within the marketplace.

While I had the opportunity to start from scratch, there were four key themes that guided the concepting process.

The Color Blue – We didn’t want to deviate too far from our original core colors (which featured a darker blue) in order to remain recognizable to our clients.

Global Presence – We wanted to explore ways to reflect and reinforce our strong global presence.

The Number Four – Our new company’s positioning focused on four key audiences that we wanted to recognize – educated consumers, engaged participants, unburdened sites, and supported sponsors.

Advancement – On the crest of the wave for more than 35 years with regard to the development and evolution of the patient recruitment industry, we wanted to reflect our continued commitment to innovate and to move the industry forward.


The challenge was to bring the four themes together into a cohesive design, and to create a logo that was simple and straightforward to serve as a springboard for the BBK brand, while also being meaningful and memorable. Several directions were explored and colleagues were consulted for their creative insight and expertise.




Color Scheme

As we explored the shape of the new logo, we also explored the color scheme. We ended up shifting the color palette, choosing a more energetic and contemporary tint of blue. Our color exploration led us to the identification and inclusion of a new color, green. This secondary color successfully reflected innovation and growth.


To recognize the core audiences, we created four distinct bands that come together to form the logo, suggesting the unity of the study community. The shape, suggestive of movement, speaks to forward motion and BBK’s ability to advance and adapt its products and services in an ever-changing clinical trial landscape.



The Final Product


As you can see, we were able to put a contemporary spin on the logo by eliminating the word “Worldwide” and replacing it with the icon symbolizing the globe. The icon also represents our four key audience personas and incorporates a sense of inclusion. The mark represents BBK’s commitment to advancing science, services that are powered by technology, and forward motion. Our new logo is confident, bold, and approachable – positioning us for the many years to come.




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