BBK Worldwide Launches the Engagement Solution Center

BBK Worldwide Launches the Engagement Solution Center

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BBK Worldwide Launches the Engagement Solution Center for Decentralized and Post-Marketing Clinical Trial Success

Concierge Service Delivery and Robust Patient Experience Portal Ease Clinical Trial Journey

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly accelerated the need to reshape research and development. Most specifically, it has led to demand for increased funding for decentralized and larger randomized clinical trials to inform clinical decisions and guide future research.

By launching the Engagement Solution Center, BBK Worldwide (BBK) is making patient-centric and inclusive trials an immediate and actionable reality for study sponsors.

The Engagement Solution Center centralizes the design, management, operations, and communications of a host of patient-visit support services.

The center’s purpose is to ease the burdens of conducting ongoing research for rare disease as well as larger and Phase 4 and 5 studies, thus satisfying the industry’s need for continual evaluation and efficacy data across diverse populations.

The Engagement Solution Center provides study sponsors with a one-stop global shop for everything from study recruitment, prequalification screening, travel arrangements, and reimbursement to interpreters, medication delivery, home health visits, and digital study tools.Decentralization-Blog_Header

Implemented with concierge-level delivery and centrally managed out of BBK’s industry-leading TrialCentralNet® portal, the center’s consultative staff and robust technology combine to provide customized solutions and efficacy reporting that enhance adoption and satisfaction.

“This new center pays homage to the fact that relationship-building begins with the first moment a site or patient becomes aware of a clinical trial opportunity,” says Rob Laurens, principal, BBK Worldwide. The nature of decentralized clinical trials has the potential to make it difficult to maintain the human connection that drives patient engagement.

“We attend to the variables that affect each disease state,” continues Laurens. “If particular solutions, such as home health visits or telehealth, are not culturally appropriate in a region or supported by the principal investigator, we make unbiased recommendations for alternative responses as our business model dictates no patient, no site left behind.”

The Engagement Solution Center assumes responsibility for ensuring that patients are aware of when, how, why, and what is being provided to them in partnership with their investigational site and sponsor. “With regard to successful patient-centric design and implementation, study sponsors will need to contract with a provider capable of empathetic, scalable, and customizable service delivery, while ensuring that site staffs also are fully supported and alleviated of additional burden,” explains Laurens.

The Engagement Solution Center is the most recent innovation BBK has introduced to the marketplace and continues its tradition of enrollment and retention excellence, boasting an impressive 96% success rate for difficult-to-enroll trials. According to Laurens, “What we have accomplished for difficult enrollment challenges such as failing studies needing immediate rescue strategies and tactical support, we can do for decentralized and larger Phase 4 and 5 studies so crucial to the industry we serve.”

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