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Infographic: A Diversified Outreach Strategy Is Key to Clinical Trial Inclusivity

Posted by Danielle Frate on Thu, Feb 10, 2022


A Diversified Outreach Strategy
Is Key to Clinical Trial Inclusivity


New Infographic Available for Download

Many clinical trial sponsors are seeking ways to enable hybrid study designs with ease and confidence. Our new infographic follows the patient's journey from consideration to enrollment to engagement throughout the study life cycle, with information to help sponsors create a more diverse and inclusive participation environment.

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Coordination to Creation: Initiating a New Study Partnership

Posted by Danielle Frate on Wed, Jun 16, 2021




Coordination to Creation: Initiating a New Study Partnership

We often hear about unburdening patients and site staff during clinical trial participation – but what about unburdening sponsors during the clinical trial lifecycle? As BBK Worldwide® Creative Director for Strategic Services, I assist in prescribing the programs and services that best align with the protocol to support a study’s participants on an individual basis. From there, my team and I work closely with our account executives to seamlessly bring our full-service study support from proposal to coordination to creation.

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Pharma15 Live! Special: The Caregiver's Caregiver

Posted by Danielle Frate on Tue, Dec 4, 2018

So much of the focus of clinical trial participation is on the patient and reducing site staff burden. But sometimes we forget about the role of the caregiver. After all, it is usually the caregiver driving the patient to their appointments, managing medication schedules, taking notes at doctor’s appointments, and much more. It makes you wonder: who is the caregiver’s caregiver? Enter Zaggo, a non-profit organization that provides the tools caregivers need to take care of their loved one as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Zaggo was born out of the experience of its founder and president, Roberta Carson, after she was thrust into the role of caregiver for her son Zachary during his 27-month battle with pediatric brain cancer.

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