Achieving Visibility for Your Global Patient Recruitment Campaign

Achieving Visibility for Your Global Patient Recruitment Campaign

Posted by Sarah Mandracchia on Fri, Oct 9, 2015

Advertising_Blog-1There are many variables to consider when creating an advertising campaign for your clinical research study, but among the most important is the decision of which mediums to deploy. It can be staggering to think about all of the ways in which your potential patients might learn about your clinical research opportunity, and deciding how to make your campaign most visible can be challenging.

To maximize the potential of your campaign, you must understand how your target audience consumes media. While there are general trends – such as digital media, social media, and mobile – people across varying age groups and cultures will very likely have different media consumption habits. We explored this reality in our blog post about the growth of mHealth in Argentina. Dr. Federico Pérez Manghi, Medical Director of CINME (Metabolic Research Center), and an experienced principal investigator, confirmed that mobile devices are not as common among Argentina’s patient populations. 

Where print and television prevail, mobile and web advertising may be less relevant. Likewise, one audience may prefer online streaming to traditional radio. How can you decide how much of your resources to allocate to certain channels? To what degree should you invest, or not invest, in a certain medium?

Through data-driven, country-level analysis of global media consumption habits, you can ensure that each country receives the right tactical mix of outreach – customized to achieve enrollment goals. With geo-targeting capabilities, you can narrow in on site locations, focus on better performing tactics, and prioritize which sites need more support at any given time. It is important to analyze geographic impression rates, tactical breakdowns by audience, and coordinate all timing, budgets, and placements to ensure maximum campaign exposure and return on investment for your outreach.

When we evaluate the strength of an enrollment campaign at BBK Worldwide, we combine sophisticated methodology with powerful technology to yield the best results for our clients’ advertising efforts. In order to achieve this, we depend on our media specialists to monitor and analyze campaign performance in real-time to produce more efficient and effective patient recruitment campaigns. Through these measures of precise tactical optimization, our team can focus on generating highly prequalified referrals to accelerate patient enrollment.

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