3 Decentralized Clinical Trial Solutions Trending Now

3 Decentralized Clinical Trial Solutions Trending Now

Posted by BBK Worldwide on Wed, Mar 31, 2021




3 Decentralized Clinical Trial Solutions Trending Now


Ever wonder which products and services study sponsors are leveraging for enrollment and engagement success? We thought we would take a moment to share the products and services gaining traction with our clients who are embracing decentralized clinical trials. And while it's always important to keep in mind that each study protocol is unique and requires its own analysis to determine the right solutions, we're sharing three popular ones below.


Our RSG® Arrive medication transport service facilitates the delivery of study medication directly to a study participant’s home. Study staff can trigger and track a request through our Patient Experience Management system, TrialCentralNet® (TCN®).

The service adheres to current social distancing guidance and CDC personal hygiene recommendations to ensure study participant safety during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Customized features include:

  • Temperature-controlled vehicle
  • Delivery status updates
  • Removal of packaging following delivery
  • Instructional video explaining how patients should administer the study medication

Decentralization-Blog_2.1For sponsors looking to reimburse patients for study-related expenses or provide stipends, the virtual RSG® Card does it all. It provides patients with the immediacy they seek, accelerating the rate of speed by which they can make online purchases.

"Study participants have immediate access to funds and no longer need to wait to receive a physical card," says Aaron Fleishman, Director, Market Development, BBK Worldwide. "Site staff frequently praise the program for relieving administrative burden."

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In-home nurse visits provide convenient patient care at home. Nurses, trained on the protocol, are equipped to monitor vital signs, collect data, and administer the study drug.

Nurse transportation can be provided through the RSG® Arrive travel program. Overall, this is an ideal solution for sponsors seeking to reduce in-person visits during COVID-19 and beyond.  

Decentralized Solutions, Centrally Managed

Our centrally managed programs offer clinical trial sponsors scalability and flexibility while delivering measurable patient enrollment and engagement results. 

To see more of our decentralized clinical trials solutions that prioritize patient care and convenience, click here.



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