The Legos of Software Coding

The Legos of Software Coding

Posted by BBK Worldwide on Thu, Nov 15, 2018

Pharma15 Live! jumped at the chance to hear SnapIoT’s Ed Triebell discuss his company’s ground-breaking product, a software platform which allows users to seamlessly connect any smart device to any mobile device—and to any cloud.  

“Why does the whole world hire teams of software coders to write code, when it should be as easy as snapping together connectors? That’s the concept behind SnapIoT.”

“One of the things I find most interesting is, I’ll say to people, ‘You will sit there on your mobile phone and your life is on your mobile phone on a personal basis, but when it comes to you using that same power within a clinical trial space, it’s ‘uh-oh, I don’t think we can do that.’"

Triebell discusses the challenge of expecting patients to carry around multiple devices that replicate functions, only to have patients forget their devices and lose data. He takes a strong stand in the BYOD vs. provision device debate, hailing integration onto one platform in a virtual environment over multiple devices that are “basically dumbed down through provisioning to only meet a certain need.” An overstatement, or does his point have merit?

Tribell also shares his view that real disruption in innovation won’t happen until we see regulatory restrictions lifted. Do you agree?

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