Sponsor of Choice

Sponsor of Choice

Posted by Matt Kibby on Mon, Oct 30, 2017

BN-LE815_PLANSW_J_20151110192012.jpgIn an age where patients have more choice about treatment options (just think about how the treatment guidelines have evolved for multiple sclerosis or rheumatoid arthritis in the last 10 years for example,) and more clinical trials are being conducted by fewer investigators, there has been a constant upward pressure on competition for clinical trial patients, even as sponsors and third party recruitment companies becomes more innovative and proactive in their approaches to marketing their trials.

Patient centricity – unfortunately where the clinical R&D industry was late to the game – was seemingly driven by positive feedback from other industry sectors where innovative ideas in ecommerce transformed consumer experiences or disrupted their traditional modes of operation. But ironically, in an industry that is seen to be inherently pioneering, methods in clinical R&D (driven by necessity and by organizational and financial structures) are stubbornly unimaginative and traditional.

This B2C progression for the clinical R&D industry is still slower than in other areas of our lives, but it has also served to sharpen focus on the B2B relationship. As we all know, clinical trial sponsors cannot interact directly with their final customers (patients) so sites must serve as the proxy to this interaction. Since investigators and coordinators at sites interface directly with the clinical trial patients, the battleground for the attention of the patient has begun to shift to attention with the site staff.

BBK regularly uses Net Promoter Score Surveys with site staff to determine how well they feel supported in their conduct of particular clinical studies. We have found through this validated approach, that as site staff feel more supported (both from the perspective of overall operational burden, and inspiring the site/patient relationship) they reciprocate that support, by an increased propensity to recommend a specific clinical study over other treatment options or trials. Not only does this approach have the benefit of enrolling clinical trials more expediently, it creates goodwill for the sponsor of the trial that extends into future trials and approved medications.

There are many things that can be done to ease trial operational burden and to stimulate site/patient relationships, all of which BBK has pioneered over the past few years. Call us today, or contact us at info@bbkworldwide.com, to find out more about how we can help elevate your status among your trial sites to sponsor of choice. 

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