Small to Mid-Size Pharmaceutical Companies Are Meeting the Needs of a Shifting Marketplace

Small to Mid-Size Pharmaceutical Companies Are Meeting the Needs of a Shifting Marketplace

Posted by Joan F. Bachenheimer on Tue, Jun 4, 2019

Last year, smaller companies led in new drug approvals, according to a recent article featuring Ken Getz, director of sponsored research at Tufts University. Notably, nearly half of these new drugs were for the treatment of rare diseases, demonstrating a shift within the industry away from a focus on scaling infrastructure.*


CEO and Founding Principal of BBK Worldwide, Joan F. Bachenheimer, responds to the article, explaining that “the precision aspects of clinical trial discovery have remapped the patient experience. The more targeted the investigational therapy, the more individualized the orientation becomes toward patient recruitment and engagement. It’s logical that the search for patients with specific biomarkers begets an orientation centered on individual needs versus a mass orientation."

"This innovation, spearheaded by more nimble, smaller biotech companies, matches the pro forma of current scientific pursuit. Specifically, disrupting the established blockbuster mentality and orienting clinical study design to meet the needs of the few is an amazing sociological construct that will alter the clinical trial landscape, and beyond, for years to come."

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*Scaling down: Clinical research shifts its focus Outsourcing-Pharma 2019

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