Patient Centricity, mHealth Top Themes at SCOPE Summit 2015

Patient Centricity, mHealth Top Themes at SCOPE Summit 2015

By Aaron Fleishman on Thu, Mar 5, 2015 | 4 min read

Patient Centricity, mHealth Themes at SCOPE 2015The 2015 annual SCOPE Summit for Clinical  Ops Executives was a tremendous success. It was great to see some of the clinical trial industry’s elite presenting on some amazing initiatives to raise awareness of clinical research. In thinking about all of the collaborative discussions that took place at the conference this year (and there were many), the following are three key takeaways that represent an exciting future for patient centricity within the clinical research industry.

The site can be your guide to patient centricity.

If you’re trying to implement an innovative idea into your patient recruitment campaign, you’re going to need the support of the site. After all, it’s the site that has the most access to patients. If you can’t engage the site to assist in pushing your innovative ideas forward, your overall success rate will suffer. During SCOPE there were a number of presentations and case studies about integrating apps into the patient retention plan. These apps included features like medication reminders, access to advocacy groups, gamification, and more. While the engagement numbers and downloads of the apps were compelling, sponsors continue to look for even better engagement results. Perhaps it’s time to think beyond the patient. Physicians and PI’s like apps too and the latest in mHealth technology promises to streamline how data is collected and utilized! Give them the ability to stay engaged in the study just as much as the patient. If the site has access to innovative mHealth technology – including apps, they will be more likely to remind patients of these additional tools they have access to as well.

Are we still talking about how to use social media effectively?

Well, yes we are, but this year’s SCOPE Summit showed some new pilot projects that sponsors have been investing in to utilize social media in ways we’ve never before seen. Thinking about how to use social media tactically and effectively reminds of what my father used to tell me about baseball: “let the game come to you.” The same can be applied to social media. There is no rule book. Engaging in social media is all about customizing the tactic, and then letting it do the hard work for you. Our industry has found its own customized approach to social media engagement: create awareness of clinical studies within a conditioned community, generate a following, and then reach out to followers about a clinical research opportunity. I’m excited to see how social media usage within our industry can work to establish better patient engagement.

Buy Vs Build

It is clear from this year’s SCOPE that innovation with regard to patient centricity in clinical research has really started to soar. Because of this, the question of what can be built internally versus what can be bought has become an intriguing question. At the end of the day it’s a nice problem to have. The industry has all of these great ideas for how to improve patient centricity but it does not yet have all the tools to build them. So how do you decide what to buy and what to build? There’s no exact science to this – at least not yet, but a solid first step is to evaluate your current technology to determine what can be re-purposed or built off of.

BBK enjoyed networking with and presenting to the clinical ops crowd at this year’s SCOPE Summit. Heading out of the cold Boston winter for a week in sunny Orlando was pretty nice too! Looking forward to the next one in 2016.

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