AI Shows Promise in the Clinical Space for Enrollment and Adherence

AI Shows Promise in the Clinical Space for Enrollment and Adherence

Posted by BBK Worldwide on Tue, Jun 4, 2019

While most large pharma companies seem “very open” to new technologies, a recent FiercePharma article also notes that the life science industry hasn’t exactly won accolades for its speed in adopting new artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. However, since patient lives are at stake, the industry has good reason to proceed with caution.*

Dena Raffa, Director, Account Operations and BBK’s expert in digital innovation, shares her view on the complex topic of AI and machine learning technologies in life sciences. Dena highlights the positive influence AI is having on clinical trials today, particularly in regard to enrollment and adherence. The primary benefits of accelerated enrollment, of course, are quicker time-to-market and increased accessibility of therapeutics to patients. However, with any new technology comes challenges. Dena also shares some skepticism and concerns with data and privacy protection that need to be considered to overcome these challenges. 

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*If Pharma Looks Slow to Adopt AI, It's Got Good Reason FiercePharma 2019


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